17th March, 2018

The Challenge

What do you see when you look at the world around you?
Do you see suffering?
Are you struggling?
Do you see or feel hope?
What state is our world in?
Are you treasured or respected where you are?

Our Response

Based on lives of action and purpose, there is every reason to believe that the world can change for the better and that it is possible to become happy, even in the midst of struggle and pain.

SGI Buddhism aims to give people not only the ability to transform their lives, but the belief that this is even possible; to help people see that the world doesn’t have to be as it is.

On March 17th 2018 we are holding a meeting of 6000 young people and young adults across three venues in the UK: Bristol, London and Manchester. Why are we doing this?

  • We want to create an opportunity so likeminded young people can come together in a shared commitment for peace, whatever their background, race or religion
  • We want to share with society the vision, purpose and experiences of our Buddhist practice
  • We want to inspire hope in the hearts of every single young person in the UK

The Vision

Through this meeting we are expressing the global vision of the SGI, which is captured by this short poem by SGI founder, Daisaku Ikeda entitled “This is Your Age”:

This is your age
The future rests in your hands
I hope you will make the twenty-first century truly wonderful
Please make it a century in which the life of each individual is cherished and respected to the utmost.
A century without discrimination, without bullying, war or murder.
A century in which no child cries with hunger, in which no mothers or children take their own lives in despair.
A century without environmental destruction.
A century free from academic elitism, greed and materialism.
A century in which human rights are upheld as the most precious treasure.

A century of true democracy, in which the people hold corrupt political leaders to account. A century in which the people exercise sound judgement and pay no heed to the lies of the mass media.
I hope you will make it a century in which each of your precious dreams come true and your unique individuality blossoms to the fullest.
To realise these goals, it is vital that you achieve victory, that each of you grow into people of philosophy and compassion, into people who possess both real ability and the sincerity to understand the hearts of others.
Your victory will be the victory of the twenty-first century.
You are our only hope.